As Suzuki celebrated 60 years of motorcycle production in 2012, the one millionth GSX-R rolled
off the production line too. Both these feats are only possible thanks to the on-going and
continued support from Suzuki fans, racers and dealers worldwide.
To acknowledge this important milestone, Suzuki brings GSX-R1000 1 Million commemorative
edition, offering a special paint scheme for the 2013 model year.


Overall length:2045mm (80.5in)
Overall width:705mm (27.8in)
Overall height:1130mm (44.5in)
Wheelbase:1405mm (55.3in)
Seat height:810mm (31.9in)
Kerb Mass:203kg (447.5lbs)
Fuel capacity:17.5litres (3.8 UK gallons)


Engine capacity:999cc
Engine:4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Bore:74.5mm x 57.3mm
Compression ratio:12.9:1
Lubrication:Wet sump
Ignition:Electronic ignition (Transisorised)
Fuel system:Fuel injection
Transmission:6-speed constant mesh


Front suspension:nverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear suspension:Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Front brakes:Disc, twin
Rear brakes:Disc
Front tyres:120/70R17M/C (58W), tubeless
Rear tyres:190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless

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Available Spring 2013
More than a decade ago, Suzuki developed a machine so unique that it instantly attracted a devoted following around the world. Like its namesake, the Japanese peregrine falcon, Hayabusa is famed for cutting through the air with incredible agility and performance. It combines massive thrust, unmatched maneuverability, and a silky smooth ride on city streets or the open road. Beneath its windswept design beats the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa engine. The resonating feel of pure power evokes an attitude of bold authority from both machine and rider.
Through countless engineering refinements of the original design, the Hayabusa spirit has endured. Its incomparable performance delivers a fun and sporty ride at any speed, setting the bar high for rivals and defining the “Ultimate Sport Bike.” The radically original yet timeless styling also reflects the spirit of the person who owns a Hayabusa.
Suzuki engineered the Hayabusa to perform like a heavyweight boxer—muscular yet surprisingly agile. While riders rarely need to call on its full punch off the line, the overabundant power and fleet-footed performance inspire confidence in everyday riding. That restrained yet refined energy is the presence that turns heads when a Hayabusa and rider pass.
Hayabusa is equally at home on the highway or city streets. The low center of gravity that lets it conquer winding roads also makes Hayabusa a nimble urban predator.
Plus, the Hayabusa's high-quality finish and attention to detail betray unequalled pride of craftsmanship that will become your pride of ownership. The bold design also gives it a unique aura and formidable presence not found in other bikes.
The 2013 model comes newly equipped with Brembo Monobloc high-performance calipers and an Antilock Brake System. These features are sure to appeal to lone riders cruising the highway as well as touring couples.
The Hayabusa design perfectly merges motorcycle and rider. Carefully sculpted bodywork tames the wind to maximize the more-than-ample power of the Hayabusa engine. Extensive wind tunnel testing with a rider onboard helped to find the ultimate shape for high-speed riding. The radical aerodynamic styling and smoother bodywork not only gives the Hayabusa its unique look but also protects the rider from the wind and improves fuel efficiency.


Overall length:2190mm (86.2in)
Overall width:735mm (28.9in)
Overall height:1165mm (45.9in)
Wheelbase:1480mm (58.3in)
Seat height:805mm (31.7in)
Fuel capacity:21.0litres (4.6 UK gallons)


Engine capacity:1340cc
Engine:4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC
Bore:81.0mm x 65.0mm
Compression ratio:12.5:1
Ignition:Electronic ignition (Transisorised)
Transmission:6-speed constant mesh


Front suspension:Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear suspension:Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Front brakes:Disc, twin
Rear brakes:Disc
Front tyres:120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Rear tyres:190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless

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Since it appeared on the road and on the track, it was clear to all its rivals that the Aprilia RSV4 was the new bike to beat.
Unmatched for its rigorous design and applied technology, the RSV4 was born around a 65° V4 engine never before seen on a factory sport bike, a frame which was heir to a dynasty which had won 18 world titles and 143 Grand Prix in 250 GP and the most advanced applied electronics systems for managing the engine and the bike's dynamics. This last item is a genuine vocation of Aprilia, the first manufacturer in the world to adopt the Ride By Wire system as standard equipment, the multimap system for power output, and above all, the first to patent the APRC dynamic controls platform, still unmatched by the competition in the exclusive function of self-calibration and wheelie control.
This technological first is reinforced today with the new Aprilia RSV4 Factory ABS Model Year 2013, a model which, with the quantity and quality of new content and improvements, represents the most important evolution ever achieved on this extraordinary model, winner of WSBK Championship races and demanding comparison tests organised by all the most prestigious motorcycle magazines.

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It is available now at Kawasaki dealerships at the RRP of $12,999 + ORC in Metallic Flat Green and Metallic Spark Black or Pearl Stardust White and Metallic Spark Black.
The new Z800 joins a list of brand new, pioneering and popular Kawasaki models released in recent years like the 2013 Ninja 300, the 2012 Versys 1000 and Vulcan 1700 Vaquero and the 2011 Ninja 1000 and W800. If the success of these new models are anything to go by, the new Z800 ABS looks set to become another widely accepted model for Kawasaki.
Action-13MY Z800 action

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It is with great excitement that KTM announces the release of the second generation KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition motorcycle. The new model has been developed through collaboration with the Red Bull KTM Team and both the US and Austrian based Research & Development Departments. Each special edition model will come with a limited edition sticker that lists a model number for the unit out of the models produced – 555 bikes for the US and 155 for Europe!
The KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition model was well received by consumers last year after selling out in only a few short months. It received further success after Ryan Dungey won the Phoenix Supercross in only the second race of the season and just a few months later when Dungey rode the machine to victory claiming KTM’s first premier class championship in the 450 Motocross Series.

The dedication of the Red Bull KTM Team and R&D department to further push the limits and drive innovation of the new model has led to the significant changes seen on the new 2013 Factory Edition model. In just one year, KTM has already been able to introduce new changes and produce an upgraded model that will again be made available to the public.

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A state-of-the-art V2 engine with electronic injection and impressive punch, a perfectly balanced chassis, a complete package of high-quality components: the 990 SM R is the most radical twin-cylinder Supermoto on the market. – and also one of the safest thanks to the superb Bosch 9M+‑ABS. All the more astounding that it is just as much fun in the urban jungle as it is ticking off passes and out on the racetrack. One of the most dynamic, yet at the same time versatile machines, not only in the Supermoto segment.


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The most celebrated four-cylinder naked has been redesigned with increased charm, components and quality of finish. Three Brutale variants with three distinct characters. The Brutale 4 cylinder 2013 range is based on three new models: Brutale 1090, Brutale 1090 R and Brutale 1090 RR.
In detail, the main features of MV Agusta Brutale are:

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The new 800 engine offers increased power, torque and riding dynamics for the naked MV Agusta. The new adjustable suspension and the new advanced electronics package makes the Brutale 800 leader in its segment. Graphics and special colours accentuate the unmistakably lines of MV Agusta. Brutale three-cylinder means handling, extreme agility, and absolute ease of use. Now with the new engine power and torque comparable to a 1.000cc, and with a weight of only 167 kg, the 800 Brutale offers an unique power to weight ratio. Aside from the new engine, the Brutale 800 offers a new adjustable suspension allowing the riders complete personalisation.
A dependable advanced electronics package unique within this category: MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System), the integrated management system of the vehicle, includes the first Full Ride by Wire with multi-map and integrated traction control. Offering optimised delivery at all engine speeds, maximum engine efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, and of course the opportunity to select different engine characteristics, choosing from the four available maps: three pre-sets, one personalised. Traction control also ensures safety and performance on any road or track surface, allowing the driver to concentrate entirely on riding. The three-cylinder engine, which debuted on the supersport F3 675, forms the basis for the technological progress in its class, thanks to exclusive technical solutions such as the counter-rotating crankshaft, used in MotoGP, but never before seen on a production bike. The frame performance is guaranteed, thanks to MV Agusta' s unique mixed structure: the front section of steel tube trellis combined with two light aluminium alloy plates, and a sculpted single-arm rear suspension.
Brutale 800 joins Brutale 675 with its increased performance, dynamics and untouchable MV Agusta style. A motorcycle capable of satisfying the most demanding of motorcycle enthusiasts.
The characteristics

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After being elected the “Most beautiful 600 in the world”, the MV Agusta F3 675 is now ready to become the new reference both on the street and on the track. A Supersport that boasts a ultra-advance chassis and vehicle dynamics control that is on par with the most advanced Superbikes thanks to the new system MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System).
The MV Agusta F3 675 is a revolutionary motorcycle offering extreme emotions to the rider on the street and on the track. The three cylinder engine utilizes a revolutionary counter-rotating crankshaft, a solution that has only been previously seen on MotoGP motorcycles, together with the most compact and light weight layout ever seen on a Supersport bike. These are only a few of the characteristics that make the new F3 675 the most sophisticated supersport with the best handling of any sport motorcycle.
The MV Agusta F3 675 engine is the most advanced and powerful middle weight engine ever produced. It is a ultra-compact in-line three cylinder with the perfect balance between advanced mechanical engineering, extremely advanced materials and electronics technology. Thanks to the MVICS system it is the first middle weight motorcycle with Full Ride By Wire engine controls including 4 pre-set maps and one personally tunable map including traction control that can be selected between 8 different levels.
The chassis is also incredibly advanced: studied and designed to obtain the maximum dynamic performance, it was born with the optimum rigidity that offers an unparalleled level of feeling during all riding conditions when compared to the other motorcycles in this category.
The development of the style of the MV Agusta F3 675 was based on the core philosophy that has always characterized all previous MV’s: the perfect balance between form and function that meld together to create an object that is unique not only for its beauty but also for its effectiveness.
The new F3 675 will be available in 3 color combinations: red/silver, pastel white and pastel black/metallic anthracite.
The powerplant of the new F3, an inline 675cc three cylinder, plays homage to the most victorious motorcycle brand in the word. With this layout MV raced and won an unprecedented number of races and world championship titles. Today the 3-cylinder engine has returned in the form of a Supersport with the most advanced technical solutions and performance.
This ultra-compact engine which is both incredibly short and narrow due to the unique layout of internal organs that only MV has been able to develop. Utilizing a 79mm bore and a super-short stroke of 45,9mm the MV Agusta 3 cylinder engine is extremely over-square and able to rev the highest levels ever achieved by three cylinder sports bike. Ultra-modern, extremely advanced and capable of 128 cv at 14.500 rpm coupled with 71 Nm of torque at 10.600 rpm. This level of performance has never been available in this category on par with the performance of a number of 4 cylinder engines thanks to a 15.000 rpm limit. For the first time ever, a production motorcycle has utilized a counter-rotating crankshaft that contributes to the perfect dynamic balance as well as increasing the lightning quick handling of the motorcycle.
Ultra-compact dimensions, reduced weight and maximum performance: these are the characteristics that make the engine of the new MV Agusta F3 675 the new reference in the Supersport class, an engine that is destined to become the new benchmark of supersport engines. Contributing to the reduced weight and compact design is the application of the “closed deck” integration of the cylinders into the crankcase in a single shell mold casting along with the MVICS system and the use of titanium both for the intake and exhaust valves.
Another unique feature is the integrate oil and water system: the pump system (water and oil) is placed entirely inside the crankcases and all of the passages are contained internal to the engine castings offering both performance and styling advantages to the most powerful Italian 3 cylinder ever produced.
The most advanced electronic engine control system ever seen on a Supersport has been designed specifically for this extraordinary new three cylinder. A system of fuel injection that is extremely sophisticated using a two fuel injectors per cylinder coupled with a throttle body employing 50mm throttle valves, a new record for a Supersport! The F3 675 introduces for the first time the MVICS system that allows the engine to unleash a record level of power and control in every situation. The rider can select one of the 4 maps available, or customize an additional map to obtain the power delivery desired. With the MVICS system it was possible to generate a perfect harmony between the power delivery and the traction control which offers 8 levels of adjustment and is accessible through the input on the left handlebar and dashboard interface. This system is incredibly advanced and can be custom tailored by the rider with a series of MV Agusta Special Parts optional:
  • Vehicle lean sensor capable of reading all of the vehicle inclination data. This interfaces with the traction control and engine control algorithms effectively reading the wheel slip during all angles of lean and then adjusting the throttle opening, spark advance and fuel delivery to ensure the optimal safety and acceleration in all dynamic conditions
  • Launch Control which permits the optimum performance during starts from stopped and offering the maximum acceleration possible
  • Anti-wheeling which permits the optimization of the vehicle acceleration
  • MV Agusta EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift) which allows incredibly rapid shifting without ever having to close the throttle or employ the clutch.
As always, those who ride MV Agusta’s have become accustomed to having the very best components and the maximum performance from the chassis. The new F3 675 follows this tradition with a level of quality that exceeds most of the 1000cc superbikes on the market. As with all previous MV’s, the advanced frame design incorporates a mix of steel tubing and aluminum side plates that wrap around the ultra compact engine offering a level of compactness never before seen on a supersport motorcycle. The compact engine dimensions left the maximum liberty to design the most advanced chassis on the market with an exceptionally long single sided swingarm that guarantees traction and feedback to the rider. All of this without penalizing the wheelbase of only 1.380 mm is a new record for the Supersport category as is the 173 kg weight. The components, as always, are of the highest quality. The Marzocchi 43mm front fork is completely adjustable as well as the Sachs piggy-back rear shock. The front brake system consists of a Nissin radial master cylinder and Brembo radial calipers and 320 mm discs and are coupled with ultra-light wheels that contribute to the reduced unsprung mass which allows the F3 675 to offer handling never before experienced on a Supersport motorcycle.

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A new segment. A new reference. A new MV Agusta. The Rivale 800. Absolute enjoyment.
MV Agusta Rivale 800. Unique both in design, performance, and absolute riding satisfaction. Unquestionably MV Agusta, Rivale 800 enters a new market segment to go where only emotions dominate. This extraordinary motorcycle boasts performance figures that leave little to the imagination: 170 kg, 125 hp.
The unrivalled visual identity has been extended to every component and every surface of this machine. The MV Agusta Rivale 800 is a result of passion, experience, and inspiration to capture the essence of what is truly representative of our historic brand. It further expands upon our range with a new, eclectic interpretation of our modern three-cylinder engine that debuted on the F3 675 and also equips the Brutale 675 and 800 alongside the renewed four-cylinder family F4 and Brutale.
The Rivale 800 exudes an emotive design from every angle. Dominating the road with its mix of harmonious and "discordant" lines, tense yet voluptuous, bordering on futuristic whilst retaining synergy with our past. Volumes are perfectly balanced, containing areas that draw your eye to an incredible level of attention to detail. A sculptural composition where the engine and the chassis are always at the focal point. The front-fairing is compact and discreet yet able to characterise the front ends exuberant personality. Three elements, the mudguard, the side panels and the fuel tank are individually united to form a strong visual shield graphic that makes this machine instantly recognisable. Singularly MV Agusta. The middle section is reduced to the physical limits and designed to promote an unhindered riding style allowing the rider maximum freedom of movement on a sufficiently large and ergonomically considered saddle. The rear is elegant, sinuous, yet incisive and characterised by twin trailing-edge floating blade lighting incorporating light guides to accentuate the rear profile. At the front LED/light guide technology is used in a similar fashion to highlight the profile of the vehicle while reducing visual width. This solution offers an absolutely distinctive identity while increasing the visibility and consequently passive safety. The three-dimensional amber turn signals are perfectly integrated into the beautifully designed hand guards. The rear side lights and brake lights are housed in two separate elements, while the direction indicators have been placed on small "dynamic" wings, which relate to the various number plate dimensions. The rear view mirrors are designed to be effective and integrate seamlessly into the design of the bike. They are retractable, for sporty driving on closed roads or on the track, and when open are also telescopic to improve and increment rear visibility.
The dashboard has been designed specifically for Rivale 800 featuring a modern "monochrome" fully digital, multi-function display. It is compact to optimise the front fairing proportions yet remains perfectly legible while offering maximum availability of information and parameters.
Chassis and engine are once again protagonists. A perfect combination of fine engineering excellence portrayed in a mix of sculptural beauty, mechanical purity, functionality, and total performance. Three cylinders, define the agile, swift, dynamic soul of the new Rivale 800; Beyond imagination. Compactness is an obligatory, aside from technological excellence. Our goals have been achieved and far exceeded. The three-cylinder in-line Rivale 800 boasts a counter-rotating crankshaft that debuted on our Supersports F3 675: a unique solution for a road based machine that epitomises MV Agusta's racing spirit. Technology MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) allows for performance, smoothness of power delivery, ease of riding and extreme personalization, with three engine maps and a custom default. The Custom setting permits complete freedom to suit the personal requirements and preferences of the rider. The throttle control is Full Ride-By-Wire.
The frame is our signature MV Agusta philosophy. The front section is comprised of a steel trellis combined with a rear of two aluminium alloy plates, that act as a fulcrum for the sculpted single sided rear swingarm and suspension. The dimensions of the chassis have been redefined to ensure incredible handling: the angle of the steering head is half of a degree more open than the Brutale 800. The excursion of the fork and shock have also been increased to provide more comfort and conformity to the road surface. The suspension units are respectively by Marzocchi and Sachs. They are adjustable in spring preload as well as hydraulic compression and rebound damping.
As on every MV Agusta, the braking system uses the best products to achieve outstanding performance. The pair of front 320 mm diameter discs are gripped by twin four-piston Brembo radial callipers. The rear is comprised of a 220 mm diameter disc mated to a two-piston calliper. Engine Type: Three Cylinder Displacement: 800cc Starting: Electric Clutch: Wet, Multi Disc Gearbox: 6 Speed Dimensions Dry Weight: 170kg Fuel Capacity: 16.6l Electronics Voltage: 12v Alternator: 350w Battery: 12v 

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Motorcycle Tour of Spain
By Alan Liptrot


We've done all the hard work for you. We've planned the route, researched the hotels and campsites, even found out where you can get your bike repaired.
This isn't just some tour that's been plucked off the internet. It's a detailed route that has been followed and enjoyed by many of our clients. It'll take you away from the well worn routes and onto the back roads, where you'll pass through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
It is based on the 'Grand Tour of Spain' which features here on our web pages. The circular route begins and ends at Santander. It heads south down the west side of Spain, touches the coasts of the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical, before returning north on the east side. The tour was designed to take in mountain passes, coastal roads, national parks, lakes and vibrant cities such as Seville and Salamanca. It really has something for everyone. Many of our customers have said 'This is the best tour I have ever been on.' We still offer the tour unchanged at Motorbike Tours. Our problem is trying to improve it.
And it's not just a route. Featured along the way are details of 'The Spanish Motorcycle Museum', the wonderful monastery 'Monasterio de Piedra', 'Mini Hollywood' in Almeria, the Roman ruins of Merida, the Roman ruins of 'Italica', the 'Lake District of Andalucia' and many, many more places of great beauty and interest.
You could save yourself hours, days, even weeks of research by downloading the tour. Included in the fully illustrated e-book, are links to Google maps, showing each section of the tour in detail, along with comprehensive instructions of the route. This 73 page e-book has got to be worth the money for the route alone, never mind the plethora of information that comes along with it.
The file is in pdf format. You will be diverted to the download page immediately after payment. If you have any problems downloading the e-book, please email us.

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Never Before Revealed Information!

9:25 am, Tuesday Morning
Dear Friend,
We have been discussing the restoration of classic motorcycles and how thousands of people each year buy motorcycles with the intent of restoring them back to life.  Classic motorcycle restoration is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life for many people.  It is more than something people do in their garage in their spare time.  All over the world, there are thousands of classic motorcycle clubs devoted to people who restore motorcycles as a hobby or a business. 
In addition to the clubs throughout the world, there are motorcycle shows, auctions and online sites about the love of bikes.  Ever since motorcycles became a part of our lives, they have been prized by their owners.  And never more so than right now.
There is quite a bit to know about restoring a classic motorcycle.  Motorcycle restoration is not easy and is for those who know something about bikes.  However, it is possible to restore a classic motorbike on your own if you are willing to learn about the different steps you need to take in restoring the motorcycle.  It can sometimes be very difficult to find do it yourself tips when it comes to both body work as well as mechanical work.  Motorcycle restoration magazines contain one article, but you need more than that if you are going to attempt to restore a classic motorcycle.
Years ago, anyone who wanted to restore a classic motorcycle had to purchase costly books that could teach them how to achieve their vision.  Tips on motorcycle restoration were few and far between.  Most likely, if you have made the decision to restore your motorcycle, you know something about motorcycles and are ready to begin.  You just need something to give you a little push in the right direction as well as give you some valuable tips on restoring your precious motorbike. 
Thankfully, the internet is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts.  In addition to clubs and forums where you can meet other people who also share your interests, and who can assist you in restoring your motorcycle.  Best of all, you can find inexpensive e-books that can help you towards your goal in breathing new life into an old motorcycle.

This book has tips to help you restore your vintage motorcycle...

If you are one of the many people who want to restore a classic motorbike, you can easily learn how to begin this project and keep yourself motivated by taking a little bit of time to get some concise tips on motorcycle restoration.  No matter what type of motorcycle you plan to restore, the basic concept is the same.  Once you learn the basic concepts about what you need to do to restore a classic motorcycle, you are well on your way towards restoring the motorcycle. 
Finding actual tips that actually tell you what to do step by step on the internet is difficult at best.  Here you can find some of the best kept secrets about motorcycle restoration that are on the internet.  While restoring a classic motorcycle is not an easy task, it is something that anyone who has a desire to learn can do.
There are many facets to restoring a classic motorcycle.  There is a vast difference in simply getting a motorcycle to run as well as actually restoring a motorcycle to manufacturer's specifications.  There are also different types of what is known as "classic bikes."  Classic motorcycles can mean anything from an early BSA to a 1970s "Japanese Bike."  This book will not only teach you the different types of classic bikes, but what you need to do to restore the motorcycle, where to look for parts and where you can display your motorcycle after it has been properly restored.

Discover the essential items you need to restore your vintage motorcycle to a perfect example!

Once you realize that it is not an impossible dream to restore a classic motorcycle on your own, you will want to get started.  You will need tips on what types of supplies you need, how to get started with the restoration, where to go  for parts and help and how to begin the process.  You also need to know the process of how to go about restoring the motorcycle, from the body work to the mechanical work.  If you are a classic motorcycle lover like me, you already know something about bikes, how they run and how to make minor repairs. 
Perhaps you feel an entire motorcycle restoration seems too daunting a task to even think about.  This book, however, will teach you how to go about this project in easy steps.  While restoring a motorcycle is not a simple project, it is not difficult if you take it in steps.  This is the perfect book for you to learn which steps to take when restoring a classic motorcycle as well as practical tips on the restoration process.
If you have always loved motorcycles and dreamed of one day bringing an old motorcycle back to life by restoration,  "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie," can teach you the right way to go about living that dream by getting you started and keeping you motivated in a motorcycle renovation project. 
If you want to learn what you will need to have, know and practical tips on restoring a classic motorcycle as well as valuable information as far as websites and clubs that you can join to have a venue for displaying your motorcycle as well as meeting others who can help you in your pursuits,  you need to read:

You Can’t Restore Your Motorcycle Unless You…

1) Learn The Difference Between Repair and Restoration

Repairing a motorcycle is quite different from restoring a classic motorcycle.  Repairs are made all the time on bikes, this is not a restoration.  There is not only a difference in repairing and restoration, but there is also a vast difference in the types of restoration.  Here you can discover the different types of restoration for motorcycles as well as the difference between simply repairing a motorcycle and actually restoring it.  In "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie," you will have all of the information you need to get started on a successful restoration project. 
vintage motorcycle restoration - tips from a classic motorcycle junkie ebook cover
2) Learn How To Do It

Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie"  will not only give you easy to understand details of what you need to restore your motorcycle, but also how to find he products and parts that you will need as well as step by step instructions on the process of class motorcycle restoration.  If you have been looking for one easy and concise guide on classic motorcycle restoration, you have finally found it in this book.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

classic motorcycle restoration ebook table of contents
How Much Is That Worth To You?
For only $17, you can start learning all you need about classic motorcycle restoration.  Imagine having everything in one book including information on types of motorcycles to restore, where to purchase parts, how to proceed with the restoration process, how to get help when you need it, what to do when the motorcycle has been restored and useful tips throughout that will help you with both the chassis as well as the engine when it comes to restoring a motorcycle.  Restoring a motorcycle takes both expert body work as well as mechanical knowledge.  If you have thought about restoring a classic motorcycle and have been afraid to take the step, read  "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie" you are taking the first step towards achieving your goal of restoring your own classic motorcycle.
Do not be afraid to take a chance.  If you can imagine doing something, it is possible to do it.  If you have always wanted to restore a motorcycle on your own, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.  The motorcycle restoration process is a long one, and can be costly.  But by stretching out your costs over a period of time, this is a hobby that anyone can afford.  You just need to be willing to learn and have patience with yourself and your project.
Why just think about doing something?  Why not do it?  If you have been pondering the idea of restoring a classic motorcycle, or pouring over magazines so that you can restore a motorcycle, if you have been perusing internet sites and newspapers looking for the motorcycle of your dreams that you can purchase for restoration, why not just go for it?  There is no time like right now to learn the craft of classic motorcycle restoration.  You can have your dream motorcycle just as you imagine by working hard at your restoration project and learning everything there is to know about classic bikes.
There is more to restoring a classic motorcycle than simply just giving it a paint job and adding some new tires.  You want to do the job right, don't you?  In "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie" you will get easy to understand instructions on how to start your restoration project, what you need to purchase, where to purchase the products, what you need to do with regard to body work and mechanical restoration and where you can get help from other classic motorcycle enthusiasts.  You will also learn about the vast world of classic motorcycle collecting and the types of shows where you can exhibit your restored classic motorcycle.  If you are looking for the best practical tips on classic motorcycle restoration, you have found it here with "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie.

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This is not a just a boast, it is true.  By following the simple tips and ideas outlined in  "Vintage Motorcycle - Restoration Tips From A Classic Motorcycle Junkie" anyone, no matter what their budget or talents,  can learn how to restore their own classic motorbike as long as they have the love of motorcycles and a willingness to learn the craft.

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As An “Expat” To Vietnam, I Had
No Idea How To Get Licenced!

Vietnam is very different from my home country of Australia. And, chances are, it’s a lot different from where you’re from, as well.

As a result, getting your motorbike licence can be tricky.

And, of course, the language barrier also greatly complicates matters.

On top of that…

All too often, people just abandon the idea of getting their motorcycle licence (or any driver’s licence for that matter) in Vietnam. 

But that’s extremely risky! 

Foreigners who drive cars or motorbikes can do jail time if they’re unlicenced! Plus, if they are unlicenced and have an accident while riding, their traveler’s insurance will be null and void.
It’s simply NOT worth the risk.
The question then is this…
How can an “expat” avoid all the problems and complications while getting a LEGAL motorbike licence in Vietnam?
At one time, I found myself asking that same question!
However, I now understand how the system works — because I went through it myself. It took loads of time and effort on my part (and that’s just to figure out what needs to be done and how the process works here).
It also took a considerable amount of research and effort to learn the right questions to ask and get straight answers to them.
So, after having gone through the licencing process myself, I decide to share what I learned with other expats.
That’s why…
I documented everything you need to know… step-by-step. It’s all in my e-book, An Expat’s Guide To Getting A Vietnamese Motorbike Licence In 7 Easy Steps.
The funny part is that many expats think…
  • A licence is virtually impossible to get if you don’t know Vietnamese.
  • A motorbike licence is too hard to get if you don’t know how to ride a motorbike already.
  • Getting a licence in Vietnam is too much hassle for expats.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
With my guide, you can side step the “red tape” that makes obtaining your Vietnam motorbike licence difficult and frustrating…
All it takes is 7 easy steps — and I’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.
My e-book is for expats to Vietnam who want to LEGALLY ride a motorcycle.
So, this guide is for you if…
  • You already hold a current driver’s licence in your home country to drive cars and motorbikes.
  • You already hold a current driver’s licence in your home country to drive cars only.
  • You have no driver’s licence at all in your home country.
In short, it’s all expats to Vietnam who want to get around the easy way — on a motorbike – and you can do it in just 7 simple steps. So get started today — and get your motorbike licence in Vietnam!

I Did It – And You Can, Too!

In Australia, I had NO experience riding a motorbike. I only had a car licence. I followed these same 7 steps — which I outline in my e-book – and today I am enjoying the sites of Vietnam on my motorbike!
I love riding my motorbike all over Vietnam — it has made my expat experience so much more enjoyable. Every expat should definitely follow my example — and get licenced!
But I’m not the only expat who followed these 7 simple steps…

Here’s What Other “Expats”
Have To Say About My Guide…

“I had no idea how to even get started when it came to getting my motorbike licence in Vietnam. I’m from Australia, and although I knew how to ride a bike, I thought it would be an ordeal going through the licencing process in Vietnam. Paul explained it all so well though in his guide, and I got my licence within two weeks!”
-- Damien Vos

“I already had a motorbike licence in the UK and knew I wanted to ride a motorbike once I got to Vietnam. I wanted to find out how it could be done, but wasn’t too keen on talking to a million and one people in a language I’m not proficient in. Paul’s book explained it all so well, in easy-to-read English. I got my licence with no trouble at all with the help of this book.”
-- Patrick Smythe

“The process of getting my motorbike licence in Vietnam freaked me out. I couldn’t speak the language and just thought it would be impossible trying to get my licence. Then I found Paul’s book and it helped me do it in just a month or so. Highly recommended! Thanks Paul!”
-- David Naylor

What’s Covered In The Guide?

I created this guide for expats like you (and me). An Expat’s Guide To Getting A Vietnamese Motorbike Licence In 7 Easy Steps walks you through the ENTIRE process.
Nothing is skipped.
I show you EXACTLY what needs to be done — from application right through to collecting your Vietnamese motorbike licence.
In my guide, you’ll learn…
  • Where you need to go to get your licence application. I give you the name of the office and the actual address you need to go to.
  • The documentation you need to produce to get your licence application processed. If you don’t know which documents you need, the process will be delayed.  With my e-book, all the guesswork is removed. I show you exactly what documents you need to include.
  • The notarizing process you must go through to get your documents ready for your licence application submission. There is an actual process your documents MUST go through, in order to be accepted for submission.  But it’s all spelled out for you in my e-book.
  • The government offices you must visit to do all of the above. It took a lot of running around for me to get this information — but it’s all available for you in my e-book. 
  • The costs involved in all of the above. Some of the processes are free… and some have a cost associated with them.  I list what the costs involved are, so you’ll know in advance. 
  • The actual motorbike riding test you may need to do. Contrary to what many expats think, the test isn’t hard at all. 
  • My personal tips to help you pass the motorbike riding test. There are things you can do to increase your chances of passing the riding test. I’ll tip you off!
You won’t find this information presented in one, easy-to-read, instantly downloadable e-book anywhere else.
The government doesn’t even publish the information in this complete format!
The Expat’s Guide to Getting a Motorbike Licence in 7 Easy Steps is the only place you will find the information you need to get licenced without hassle or fuss!
With the help of my guide, you’ll…
  • Save hours and hours of time.
  • Get the full & complete instructions on how to get your motorbike licence.
  • Get my own personal tips and advice to help you pass the test.
  • Be riding a motorcycle LEGALLY in Vietnam… in just 7 easy steps.
The Expat’s Guide to Getting a Motorbike Licence in 7 Easy Steps also comes with a…

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m so certain that you’ll find the information in my guide to be indispensable, that I guarantee it!
Within 30 days of your purchase, if you aren’t convinced that it has helped make your experience of getting a licence easier — I’ll refund your money — with NO tricks, NO catches, and NO hassle. I GUARANTEE IT!
All risk is eliminated and you have at your fingertips — for instant download – the e-book that will help you get your Vietnamese motorbike licence. You cannot lose!

You’ll Also Get These Valuable Bonuses!

When you purchase The Expat’s Guide to Getting a Motorbike Licence in 7 Easy Steps, you’ll also receive TWO valuable BONUSES…
  • The “Top 10″ Places To Visit In Ho Chi Minh By Motorbike. Plus… even more great places to see out of Saigon.
  • 30 Days Of FREE E-mail Support. You can ask me any questions you have pertaining to your motorbike licence, rental, purchase, etc. — as well as questions about relocating to Vietnam.

Get Your Motorbike Licence
In 7 Easy Steps — Order Now!

As an Aussie Expat, it took me ages to get this information… but you can get my guide and BOTH bonuses for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT of just…


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In addition, it’s not always convenient to walk or take the bus. So motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many locals — and expats.
The problem is that it can be difficult to figure out EXACTLY HOW to go about getting a motorbike licence in Vietnam. It can be a time-consuming process — if you don’t know how it works.
The thing is…

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